My Giant Life: 6ft 9ins Lindsay goes under knife and dreams of steak

Lindsay only has one thing on the mind as she comes round from the anaesthetic
Lindsay only has one thing on the mind as she comes round from the anaesthetic

My Giant Life is back on TLC tonight — where we get an insight into what it’s like to be some of the world’s tallest women.

Tonight Lindsay goes under the knife to get rid of a double chin that’s been bothering her as she tries to pursue her acting career.

Because she’s to tall the hospital had to bring in a small table to extend her bed, as her feet wouldn’t fit on it.

And there’s only one thing on her mind when she wakes up from the anaesthetic — baby back ribs, a burger or steak!

The doctor explains how anaesthetic affects everyone differently, and for Lindsay, well, it makes her gabble gibberish — but mostly about food.

As the cameras roll she just keeps on coming out with different things she’d like to eat and how good they will taste.

Lindsay also took part in a short-fire question round about her life for My Giant Life, and revealed her pet peeve is people coming up to her in the street and telling her what she should do because she’s tall.

She also reveals she doesn’t need a superpower — because she already views being as tall and as strong as she is as one.

And she lets on that pretty much her favorite person in the whole universe is former British Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson — now on Amazon’s The Grand Tour.

Also on tonight’s episode, we see newly married 6ft 7ins Haleigh and boyfriend Bryan struggling to make ends meet.

Meanwhile, for 6ft 6ins Coco — who’s vowed never to date again — things are looking decidedly more than friendly with Wil.

And 6ft 8ins Katja and wife Julie talk over how they’re going to tell to Julie’s mum and dad about their family planning.

My Giant life is on Tuesdays at 10/9c on TLC.

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