My Giant Life exclusive: Lindsay left in shock as Krista says she’s moving out

Emotions run high on tonight’s My Giant Life finale as Krista Kay tells Lindsay Hayward about her plans to move out — catching Lindsay completely by surprise. Krista tells Lindsay she needs “to get her life together” and be on her own, but Lindsay is taking it personally. “I don’t think there was anything bad I

Alicia Jay from My Giant Life is ‘world’s tallest virgin’

My Giant Life on TLC has a new star for Season 3, Alicia Jay — who has previously described herself as the world’s tallest virgin. At 36, she has never had sex as she is a devout Christian and wants to wait until she’s married before she does. One problem — she still hasn’t found


My Giant Life star Lindsay Hayward just gave birth to baby son Liam

As My Giant Life returns to TLC for Season 3, there’s some other BIG news for fans — star Lindsay Hayward just gave birth to baby son Liam in real life! Lindsay gave birth to adorable Liam Maddox Hawyard on September 12. He was born weighing 11.7lbs and measuring 21.5in. The My Giant Life star, who

Babies, breakups and bad roomies on TLC’s My Giant Life season three return

Tall tales and larger than life personalities are back on TLC beginning September 17th! The clip below reveals baby fever, pregnancy drama, breakups and new roommate situations as the driving forces for this lofty new season. My Giant Life is an illuminating look at the challenging lives of several women who walk head and shoulders


My Giant Life: 6ft 9ins Lindsay goes under knife and dreams of steak

My Giant Life is back on TLC tonight — where we get an insight into what it’s like to be some of the world’s tallest women. Tonight Lindsay goes under the knife to get rid of a double chin that’s been bothering her as she tries to pursue her acting career. Because she’s to tall the hospital