Babies, breakups and bad roomies on TLC’s My Giant Life season three return

Lindsay Kay Hayward
Lindsay will add loads of drama to season three of My Giant Life

Tall tales and larger than life personalities are back on TLC beginning September 17th!

The clip below reveals baby fever, pregnancy drama, breakups and new roommate situations as the driving forces for this lofty new season.

My Giant Life is an illuminating look at the challenging lives of several women who walk head and shoulders above the average person.

We rejoin cast favorites like the energetic party girl, wrestler, and now Vegas showgirl Lindsay Kay Hayward, who last season had a lot of dramatic romantic life unfold.

Newcomer Alicia Jay is a devout Christian, blogger and game operations manager for the Golden State Warriors, a NBA team based in Oakland, California.  She adds an interesting dimension to the storyline, as she is still a virgin looking for love. Not easy to do when you are 35 years old and 6’6″ tall.

Haleigh, Alicia Jay, Katja, Lindsay, Krista and Coco all have compelling personal stories to share. These six women profiled must adjust to the average-sized world, but on their terms.

Haleigh Hampton and Husband Bryan Carvalho (6’7” and 5’8” respectively) have a year of marriage and a cross-country move under their belt but an unexpected pregnancy and news that Haleigh may face complications in the delivery room will be a nail-biter this season.

Haleigh Hampton
Haleigh and Bryan are having a baby, but will everything be okay?

Married couple Katja Bavendam, 6’9”, and her wife Julie, 5’2”, are in full baby lust mode. But the key ingredient, sperm, and how they get it will be an eye opener for sure.

Katja Bavendam, Julie
Katja and Julie want a baby desperately, but the sperm donor is in for it

The main event of the show is the unpredictable Lindsay, who at 6’9” is starting over in Las Vegas after last season’s disastrous breakup.

Lindsay gets a roomie, another tall woman at 6’6” named Krista. That’s where their similarities end. Krista is quiet, neat and conscientious. Lindsay, er, not so much.

Lindsay, Krista
Krista confronts messy Lindsay, it does not go well

We also revisit Texan Coco, 6’6”, and her boyfriend, Wil, 5’10”, who grapples with Coco’s wanderlust and desire to date other men in Austin. This does not go over well with Wil.

My Giant Life returns Sundays at 10/9C on TLC starting September 17.

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