Exclusive clip: Katja foils ‘sperm burglars’ in hilarious taxi ride on My Giant Life

Katja on My Giant Life and, inset, getting out a NYC cab with a box of sperm
Katja recounts a very funny cab ride carrying a box containing $1,500 worth of sperm on My Giant Life

My Giant Life star Katja Bavendam is ready to deliver the goods for her wife on tonight’s episode — as she takes a box containing $1,500 of sperm through the streets of New York City.

Katja is married to Julie McGuire, who’s just 5ft 2in, and the two are ready to start a family. In our exclusive clip, Katja is in New York City and carrying a very important package.

She says: “So today we have to get the sperm from the Cryobank storage facility to the fertility doctor.”

The 6ft 8in blonde is used to people staring at her because of her height. But she says if they knew that she was toting a box of sperm as well, she would likely get even more looks.

Katja says: “It’s probably one of the most important things I’ve ever carried around. It’s awkward enough trying to fit into a cab when you’re 6ft 8in, but it’s even worse when you’re also carrying around a box of sperm!”

Her wife Julie is ovulating in a few days, and the sperm delivery is crucial for a successful bid at a pregnancy. Her cabbie quickly learns that Katja is carrying precious cargo to the tune of $1,500.

He jokes: “It must be very important for you…aren’t you afraid of sperm burglars?”

Katja joking with a cab driver on My Giant Life
The NYC cabbie gives Katja a gentle ribbing about “sperm burglars”

But his humor aside, he’s very sweet and says: “Best of luck with the new baby!”

This leaves Katja en route as she talks to her box of sperm and urges the contents on, saying: “So, you’re gonna get in there, you’re gonna swim, and you’re gonna find your egg and just get in there and make a baby, all right? I mean it’s not that hard! Just do your job!”

My Giant Life airs Sundays at 10/9c on TLC.

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