Alicia Jay from My Giant Life is ‘world’s tallest virgin’

Alicia Jay from My Giant Life
My Giant Life Star Alicia Jay, who is also a fashion blogger and an NBA operations manager

My Giant Life on TLC has a new star for Season 3, Alicia Jay — who has previously described herself as the world’s tallest virgin.

At 36, she has never had sex as she is a devout Christian and wants to wait until she’s married before she does.

One problem — she still hasn’t found Mr Right.

Alicia, from Oakland, CA, is a 6ft 6in style blogger, and also works as game operations manager for NBA team the Golden State Warriors.

She runs the website Tall Swag, where she blogs regularly about style and her life.

In a recent post Alicia, who was bullied as a child due to her height, told how going on My Giant Life was “a huge step in loving myself completely”.

She added that being on the show was “way outside” her comfort zone, but that she was glad she was getting to share her story on a wider level.

And she said she was proud to be the first African-American cast-member.

Season 3 of My Giant Life sees her trying to find a man who accepts both the fact she is tall and that she is saving herself for marriage.

Will she find the man of her dreams? We’ll have to watch to find out…

You can find out more about Alicia on her Instagram and Twitter, and check out her latest posts on her blog.

My Giant Life airs Sundays at 10/9c on TLC.

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