Murder in the basement haunts family on Kindred Spirits

Amy and Adam with the homeowner in the basement that seems haunted
Kindred Spirits visits a family touched by tragedy and seemingly haunted by a loved one

On this episode of Kindred Spirits, a loved one is murdered in the family home and since then strange activity has been reported in the house.

Sleuths of the paranormal Amy Bruni and Adam Berry try to help a family who suffered a terrible tragedy when a loved one was murdered in the basement of their home.

Since then a shadowy figure has been seen in the basement and a child reports seeing a scary man in a closet.

During the investigation the young girl takes takes Amy to her room, who asks her if she saw someone in the room.

The girl says I saw like a man standing right here in my room and she goes on to say he just looked at her in a “strange and evil way.”

She then turned around and shut the door, but when she woke up in the middle of the night the door was open again…

Find out whether Amy and Adam can help the family and put this spirit to peace.

Watch Kindred Spirits – The Basement at 10 PM on TLC.

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