Halloween kindles as Kindred Spirits set ablaze by paranormal fire

This week on Kindred Spirits, Amy Bruni and Adam Berry investigate a home fire that the owners think had a paranormal cause. The family are now in New Hampshire but they think the force or entity has followed them all the way from Georgia. Their daughter tells Amy and Adam that she senses a dark force

Family reveal years of terror at hands of ‘shadow figure’ on Kindred Spirits

A family tonight reveal years of torment at the hands of a terrifying “shadow figure” which they believe looms over them in their home. Parents Holly and Tom and their kids Meghan and Matthew, of Foxborough, Mass., live in constant fear of the dark entity and believe the activity they are experiencing could soon start to

Kindred Spirits help desperate family whose children are being strangled at night!

This week on Kindred Spirits, Amy Bruni and Adam Berry are headed to Somersworth, N.H. to help out a couple whose children are in danger from dark forces. The couple who have contacted Kindred Spirits have three children who have been experiencing some very disturbing paranormal behaviour. Two of the kids have had strange visits at night from

Amy Bruni and Adam Berry investigate disturbing poltergeist on Kindred Spirits

This week on Kindred Spirits, Amy Bruni and Adam Berry get a call from help from a couple who are scared witless after reportedly witnessing a chair levitating. The pair, Carl & Cindy, say they have also experienced slamming doors, touching, and the sound of their names being called out. They are now scared that whatever