Family reveal years of terror at hands of ‘shadow figure’ on Kindred Spirits

Holly and Tom on Kindred Spirits
Parents Holly and Tom talking about their terrifying experiences on this week’s Kindred Spirits

A family tonight reveal years of torment at the hands of a terrifying “shadow figure” which they believe looms over them in their home.

Parents Holly and Tom and their kids Meghan and Matthew, of Foxborough, Mass., live in constant fear of the dark entity and believe the activity they are experiencing could soon start to escalate.

The family, who moved into the property back in 2009, feature on tonight’s Kindred Spirits episode on TLC after calling in paranormal investigators Amy Bruni and Adam Berry in the hope that they can track down the origins of the mysterious shadow figure, which they say has particularly taken a liking to the children.

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Amy and Adam also bring in experts Greg Newkirk and Dana Matthews, who run the Traveling Museum of the Paranormal and the Occult, Planet Weird and Week In Weird, to help with the investigation — which also stretches to a property across the street and includes a cache of found objects.

Holly and Tom say every member of their family has seen the shadow figure with their own eyes, and recall in the clip below how the children once had a terrifying experience while playing together in Matthew’s basement bedroom.

Tom says: “Meghan and Matthew were playing a game, sitting on the bed, and they heard something or somebody come in and whisper ‘hello’. They both heard it, at the same time.”

Amy and Adam, right, and Greg and Dana Newkirk
Amy and Adam, right, and Dana and Greg, left, investigating tonight’s double-property case

Asked how big the shadow figure is, Tom estimates it to be the size of Adam. He and Holly also say activity started increasing recently when they switched the children’s bedrooms around and started moving things from room to room. Holly says: “Thats when everything went crazy.”

The pair say the entity regularly appears in the living room and down a hallway. Tom says he also feels a presence when he spends time in his workout/TV room in the basement.

He says, after taking Amy and Adam downstairs: “When I’m down here I feel that ‘somebody’s watching me’ type of thing.” Pointing to the doorway that leads to Matthew’s bedroom, he adds: “I feel like it’s coming from here, in this room or down that hall in the back there. There’s nothing ever there and I don’t hear anything, I just feel it.”

Disturbingly, Holly says the family’s neighbor across the street, called Cindy, often sees the shadow figure lurking in one of their windows. The episode also sees the team investigate her property, which has also reportedly been the location of strange happenings.

But will the cache of found objects help them get to the bottom of the case?

Kindred Spirits airs Fridays at 9/8c on TLC.

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