Amy Bruni and Adam Berry investigate disturbing poltergeist on Kindred Spirits

Amy and Adam talking to the homeowners on Kindred Spirits
Amy and Adam quiz the owners of the house on Kindred Spirits about the reported poltergeist activity

This week on Kindred Spirits, Amy Bruni and Adam Berry get a call from help from a couple who are scared witless after reportedly witnessing a chair levitating.

The pair, Carl & Cindy, say they have also experienced slamming doors, touching, and the sound of their names being called out. They are now scared that whatever is behind the strange activity wants to cause them harm.

Carl and Cindy on Kindred Spirits
Carl and Cindy talk to Amy and Adam about their experiences, after buying the home in 2012

Reported poltergeist activity is usually associated with an individual and involves small pieces of furniture and other objects apparently being moved about or thrown.

Often in reports this happens just before other witnesses come into a room and many reports are associated with children. For two adults to witness something like a chair floating in the air is unusual, even in these sorts of cases.

An old French magazine about poltergeist activity
Poltergeist activity is not new, as this old French report indicates

During the episode, the homeowners tell Amy and Adam how the activity in their home has been increasing ever since they bought the property back in 2012.

When Amy ventures upstairs, she has a truly disturbing experience with some very dark paranormal activity. She and Adam also make a chilling find in the basement.

Later on, a psychic makes some revelations that leave the Kindred Spirits duo a little lost for words.

Kindred Spirits airs Fridays at 9/8c on TLC

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