Halloween kindles as Kindred Spirits set ablaze by paranormal fire

Adam Berry points out something to Amy Bruni in a cemetery.
Adam Berry and Amy Bruni’s investigation leads them to a nearby cemetery

This week on Kindred Spirits, Amy Bruni and Adam Berry investigate a home fire that the owners think had a paranormal cause.

The family are now in New Hampshire but they think the force or entity has followed them all the way from Georgia. Their daughter tells Amy and Adam that she senses a dark force and that she’s pretty sure it is out to cause the family harm.

Amy Bruni, Kelly Brunola and Sam Brunola
Amy and Adam with homeowners Kelly Brunola and Sam Brunola

Also tune in all evening for a night of back-to-back episodes as Kindred Spirits gets you into the Halloween mood.

In another new episode the pair visit a home that is being turned upside down by a very sinister force. This entity manifests itself as a shadowy shape and terrifies the child living in the house at night, whilst also taunting the mother.

The incidents are getting more serious as time goes by so Amy and Adam’s intervention is timely indeed.

Kindred Spirits airs on Fridays at 8:00 PM on TLC.

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