Kindred Spirits help desperate family whose children are being strangled at night!

Amy and Adam on Kindred Spirits
Amy and Adam on Kindred Spirits

This week on Kindred Spirits, Amy Bruni and Adam Berry are headed to Somersworth, N.H. to help out a couple whose children are in danger from dark forces.

The couple who have contacted Kindred Spirits have three children who have been experiencing some very disturbing paranormal behaviour. Two of the kids have had strange visits at night from what they say is a spirit who talks to them. The other child was physically attacked by some invisible force and actually strangled.

Ghost hunters and paranormal experts Amy and Adam do their best to get to the bottom of the mystery. They are very concerned as the interactions are violent and the pattern is one seen in some of the most dangerous paranormal activity.

Their investigation leads to some information about a murder that took place just a few hundred yards from the house. In what was called “The Murder of the Century” at the time,  a bank cashier was murdered

However, even closer than the murder location is an actual gravestone lying in the backyard of the house!

Kindred Spirits airs on Fridays at at 9/8c on TLC.

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