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Buck, Trapper and the AIMS team answer questions on the Mountain Monsters Superfan Edition

Mountain Monsters Superfan Edition
Mountain Monsters Superfan Edition

This week Mountain Monsters is taking a break to allow the AIMS team to answer fan’s questions and share some cool stories from the trail.

Expect plenty of weird tales as Trapper, Jeff, Huck, Buck, Willy and Wild Bill tell some funny and some frightening tales from their investigations. They also discuss the season so far and will answer some of the most frequently asked fan questions.

Last week we saw very disturbing scenes as Jeff seemed to be falling under the sway of the Black Wolf as he acted erratically in the Dark Forest. The others in the team were worried his Shawnee ancestry could be making him a target for the wolf.

However, things took a twist when they tracked Jeff to the woods and then a barn, where his accomplice was found to be none other than Trapper! Looks like we will need to wait until next week to get the low down on the pair have been doing and why they’ve kept Huck, Buck and Wild Bill in the dark.

Also check out this clip of Buck talking about taking over from Trapper as the de facto leader, since the latter ill health has stopped him getting out in the field so much.

Mountain Monsters airs Saturdays at 10/9c on Destination America.

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