Moonshiners: Whiskey Business exclusive: Tim Smith teases new Discovery series

Tim Smith has a lot of experience distilling amazing spirits. Pic credit: Discovery

There’s a lot to savor and reflect upon about the making of craft spirits and all the love and the familial lore that goes into producing a fine bottle of sipping whiskey, be it from Kentucky, Orkney, County Cork or Canada.

It’s a mad and maddening alchemy which we have nothing but the highest respect for, and whether we be in the Highlands of Scotland where heathered peaty whisky is made or in the hollers of Appalachia — it’s all mash loved up and made with the same intentions and sense of regional pride.

Tim Smith is one of those alchemists and an American artisan in the truest sense. The Discovery series Moonshiners has elevated his fame and ability to bring his craft out in a big bold way with a brand new series devoted to the American distiller, who operates with small budgets and lots of ingenuity and instinct to turn out delicious pours.

Yesterday, Monsters and Critics got the exclusive that Discovery was bringing this series, Moonshiners: Whiskey Business on to the network, premiering March 13.

Moonshine legend Tim Smith is no stranger to fans of this Discovery franchise. His moonshine empire was crafted in the backwoods of Virginia illegally until he went legit.

We spoke to him briefly today — we’ve got a longer interview coming — to whet our appetite for this exciting new series. We will also be revealing more exclusive video clips and other details ahead of the series premiere.

Monsters and Critics: Are American distilleries not preserved and nurtured the same way distilleries are in Scotland and Ireland?

Tim Smith: Most American distilleries I see in America today do not have the long family history as the past, leaving them no way to expand on heritage.

M&C: I noticed in the UK that the smallest oldest distilleries are kept nice and made into tourist destinations — what about our old distilleries in Appalachia and surrounding areas?

Tim Smith: The old distilleries in America have been closed or bought out by larger companies, closing out the history.

M&C: That’s terrible news. Are craft spirits and interest in hard-to-find spirits helping these businesses come back from the brink?

Tim Smith: Craft distilleries are reclaiming their roots and creating a boom of excitement for hard to find products.

Make sure to find and watch Moonshiners: Whiskey Business coming March 13 only on Discovery, and check back at Monsters and Critics soon for more exclusives!

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