Monster Encounters deals with crocodiles, nature’s biggest toothy man-eating jerks tonight

Crocodiles are awful and eat people, what more do you need? Pic credit: Casey Anderson
Crocodiles are awful and eat people, what more do you need? Pic credit: Casey Anderson

Crocodiles, there are what’s up at bat as host Casey Anderson, a wildlife expert who had a grizzly bear as a best man, investigate natures most awful reptilian beast that can eat you whole practically. Even the shoes called Crocs are hideous. And if someone says you have skin like a crocodile, it’s not good!

Crocs. The name of the reptile just makes you want to run.

I am not going to paint a rosy picture here for you as Travel Channel’s Monster Encounters is all about these awful things tonight.

Anderson will submerge himself in a murky river in a bid to get one to interact.

Crocodiles are worse than alligators because you can be minding your own business on a beach and whammo, one comes up running 35 miles an hour out of the surf to the beach to eat you. Gators don’t do that.

The clip below also reveals they never stop growing – so if one lives long enough it can be over 20 feet long. They never evolve.

That means they are genetic freak holdouts that should have gone by way of the Dodo. But we still have them and they still ruin parties in Africa when people are trying to have a good time. Not cool!

Australia is riddled with them too. And now idiots in Florida who release “pet crocodiles” into the Everglades are adding more apex predators to another place that’s dead to me.

Casey still is posting on his Facebook page still which means “Casey 1, Croc 0,” and I am okay with that.

Tune in tonight to see just how annoying crocodiles are in Africa.

Monster Encounters airs Tuesday 10/9c on the Travel Channel.

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