Exclusive: Dr. Mireya Mayor of Expedition Bigfoot keeps an open mind, consults with Jane Goodall

Expedition Bigfoot is back on Travel Channel and discovery+.  One cast member, primatologist, Fulbright Scholar, and National Science Foundation Fellow, Dr. Mireya Mayor, is a Bigfoot “want to believer.”  More importantly, her scientific credibility and her consultation with renowned primatologist and researcher Dr. Jane Goodall give a whole new twist on Expedition Bigfoot. Of course,


Exclusive: Mountain Monsters create hillbilly hazmat suit and still pursue Grafton Monster

On the next Mountain Monsters for Travel Channel, a tutorial in do-it-yourself hillbilly hazmat suits, a revelation about Trapper Tice, a close encounter with Huckleberry, and the continued hunt for the Grafton Monster makes up this new episode titled “Huckleberry’s Monster.” The A.I.M.S. team is still trying to cope with the discoveries made of gruesome


Is Helltown real or fake? Was Ohio teenage girl killed in wendigo attack?

Travel Channel aired a film yesterday titled Helltown. Helltown originally aired on Destination America in 2017. If you saw the movie on the Travel Channel, you might have wondered whether the story is real or fake. Here is what you need to know. Is Helltown a real place? Helltown is the nickname given to the


Bruce Campbell exclusive on reboot of Ripley’s Believe It or Not! for Travel Channel

Fan favorite actor Bruce Campbell is executive producer and host of the reboot of Travel Channel’s new series Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Filmed inside Ripley’s warehouse, each segment is a thorough concise look at unique individuals who blow people’s minds with their gifts. It runs the gamut from physical exceptionalism to flat-out death-defying deeds.