Moniece Slaughter’s brother DJ Thomas: Everything you need to know

Who is Moniece Slaughter's brother
Moniece Slaughter’s brother DJ appeared on the Dr. Phil show

Moniece Slaughter and her brother DJ Thomas were on an episode of The Dr. Phil Show last fall in an attempt to get some help for him. DJ reportedly hears voices and suffers from delusions of grandeur.

DJ was said to have stopped taking his medication prior to his appearance on the show. He often goes missing and his family was hoping to get him some help.

While on The Dr. Phil Show, DJ was asked about his accomplishments. DJ has a history of making some pretty shocking claims and during his appearance, he certainly didn’t disappoint.

While appearing on the show, Moniece Slaughter’s brother claimed to have produced entire albums for Drake and Beyonce. In the past, he has also claimed to be engaged to Rihanna.

DJ’s family worries about him because he has gone missing multiple times. He has also reportedly been seen running around in Los Angeles without any clothes on. In the video shown on The Dr. Phil Show, he stripped down on the street in an effort to prove that he’s “not shy” proving his willingness to go naked in public.

During his appearance, it was revealed that DJ Thomas went to rehab back in 2010 to get treatment for his alleged addiction to heroin and marijuana. Dr. Phil was able to convince DJ to get evaluated in order to determine if his past drug use caused permanent neurological damage or not.

DJ agreed to go in for an evaluation but only after getting Dr. Phil to tell him that they are equals. One of Moniece’s brother’s issues is that he wants to be revered as a “great man” and wants his family to acknowledge that.

Just months before DJ’s appearance on The Dr. Phil Show, his mother, Marla Thomas took to social media to blast Brandy Norwood for her dealings with Moniece’s brother. She felt that Brandy was having a bad influence on DJ and took no time putting it all out there.

“I have sat by quietly over the past 4 months, living in the wake of Brandy’s destructive influence on my son… suffering in silence daily,” she wrote in a now-deleted post. “As I watch her pull lie after lie out of her bag of stones and toss them around effortlessly, striking any one in her path, I know I have to speak up!”

It didn’t take long for DJ to jump in the comments section and take aim at both women. He called out his mother for using his success to build on her own and took shots at Brandy about her writing skills.

It’s still not entirely clear what happened between DJ and Brandy or if anything ever happened at all. When appearing with Dr. Phil, part of Moniece’s complaint was that their parents hadn’t done enough for her brother and that she was both worried about him and scared of him. She accused their mother of allowing his erratic behavior rather than doing something about it.

After appearing on the show, it doesn’t look like things got better for DJ Thomas. In a still-pinned tweet from back in April, Moniece Slaughter called out Dr. Phil and accused him of neglecting to follow up with her brother and get him the help that he promised.

Considering that the tweet is still pinned to the top, it’s safe to say that Moniece Slaughter’s brother still probably needs some help. It sure would be awful if DJ Thomas’ appearance on The Dr. Phil Show as about ratings and nothing else.

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