Mom Season 7 release date: When does show come back on TV in fall 2019?

Mom Season 7 premieres on Thursday September 23rd.
The wait is almost over for Mom Season 7 premiere. Pic Credit: CBS/Michael Yarish

CBS has announced the release date for Mom Season 7. The hilarious comedy will be back for the Fall 2019 TV season.

Fans won’t have to wait too much longer to see what kind of shenanigans Bonnie, Christy, Marjorie, Jill, Wendy, and Tammy bring to the TV screen. The comedy was renewed for two more seasons last winter, much to the delight of CBS viewers.

“We’re exceptionally proud to have Mom on our air; a high-quality, signature comedy with characters viewers love, that also brings strength and stability to our lineup. Under Chuck Lorre’s extraordinary leadership and with his outstanding writing and production team, we look forward to having Mom on CBS for many years to come,” President of CBS Entertainment Kelly Kahl said to TV Line following the dual year renewal.

Life is going to be different for the ladies of Napa Valley. When fans last saw the group of women, they were celebrating the wedding of Bonnie and Adam. After their elopement sent Christy and the others into a frenzy, the couple decided to do it all over again.

How will Bonnie being married impact her relationship with Christy? The mother and daughter duo have come a long way since Season 1. It took them a while to find the perfect balance between needing each other and wanting a relationship.

Christy and Bonnie have become slightly co-dependent over the years. They have lived together out of necessity, but what will happen when Bonnie moves in with Adam?

Last time that happened, fans will recall Bonnie and her man had cohabitating issues. Marriage is different than living together. Bonnie can’t rum back to Christy every time things get tough. Perhaps she’ll have Adam move into the apartment she shares with Christy.

Jill reconnected with officer Andy at the end of last season. Will she finally find the true love she has so desperately been seeking?

Marjorie is still adjusting to life following the death of her husband, Victor. Her life was consumed with taking care of him. She did agree to be Christy’s sponsor again. Their little break from sponsor and sponsee did them both good.

Tammy endured her own struggles last season dealing with life outside of prison. She came a long way, even finding romance briefly.

Fans learned last year Wendy comes from a long line of mob members. Wouldn’t it be great to get more of her backstory? There is not a lot known about the quiet whiner.

The CBS sitcom has one of the best casts on television. Anna Faris as Christy, Allison Janney as Bonnie, Mimi Kennedy as Marjorie, Beth Hall as Wendy, Jaime Pressly as Jill, William Fichtner as Adam and Kristen Johnston as Tammy, come together to create great comedy.

Mom returns for Season 7 on Thursday, September 26 at 9/8c on CBS. 

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