Minnie puts chicken wing on Ms. Juicy’s BOBBLEHEAD in Little Women: Atlanta fight

Ms Juicy holding her bobblehead doll and, inset, after having a chicken wing added by Minnie
Ms Juicy holding her bobblehead doll and, inset, with the chicken wing added by Minnie

Little Women: Atlanta star Minnie recreates the show’s famous chicken fight tonight — when she puts a barbecued wing on a bobblehead doll version of Ms. Juicy!

The giblet-themed jibe comes after Ms. Juicy reveals at a casino-themed party that the “surprise” she’s been working on is a bobblehead recreation of herself with her trademark pink hair.

But Minnie — whose mum Tammy threw chicken wings over Ms. Juicy in Season 2 of the Lifetime series — is quick to throw shade, saying the doll doesn’t look anything like her.

At first Minnie insists she’s not hating on it, after some of the other ladies at co-star Monie’s party ask her why she’s being so negative about it.

Then in a moment of comedic genius she grabs a chicken wing from behind her and places it on the head of Ms. Juicy’s bobblehead — saying: “If I was hating I would’ve done that!” She adds: “It now looks like you.”

The original chicken fight took place in Season 2 Episode 2 of the Lifetime show, when Minnie took her mom Tammie to have dinner with Ms. Juicy and things got out of control.

Watch Minnie recreate it on the bobblehead in the clip below…

Little Women: Atlanta airs Wednesdays on Little Women: Atlanta.

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