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Million Dollar Listing star Ryan Serhant welcomes daughter: What’s the baby’s name?

Ryan Serhant
Million Dollar Listing New York star Ryan Serhant revealed he was now a father over the weekend. Pic credit: Bravo

Over the weekend, Ryan Serhant surprised everyone by revealing that he and his wife, Emilia Bechrakis, had welcomed their baby daughter into the world.

The Million Dollar Listing New York star had kept the pregnancy quiet for months, as many didn’t even realize she was pregnant. They welcomed their daughter into the world on Feb. 26 but waited a few days to spill the news.

But in their birth announcement, they left out one important detail — the baby girl’s name. That’s what we’re all wondering right now.

Since the couple has been so great at keeping the pregnancy a secret, it’s no wonder that they aren’t dishing the girl’s name just yet. And there could be a legal reason for that.

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To my daughter, Your momma and I have waited almost 3 years to meet you. We had no idea how difficult getting pregnant with you was going to be. We tried everything. We were so nervous you might never come. When we finally decided to try IVF, we were so scared it wouldn’t work. And then you stuck. And then we heard your little heartbeat for the first time. Your mom and I were so excited every time we would go to the hospital to see you, but even more terrified we would lose you. Because the fact that we were pregnant – as beautiful as it was – was almost too good to be true. And because of that fear, we loved you as hard as we could from the moment we knew you existed. We thought if we put that love for you out there, you would hear it, and you would make it. I watched you grow slowly with your momma every day, waiting for the moment I would finally meet you. I feel like I’ve spent my whole life working towards this moment, when everything would make sense. One day when you read this, I hope you can look back and be proud. And please go and give your Mom a BIG kiss because she’s a true warrior, a fighter with the biggest heart, and the Queen of my world. Seriously – one day we will tell you about all the shots, the pain, the sickness, and what birth was like for your Mom on Tuesday the 26th – it was insane! We love you now and forever, our new, beautiful, little puff. Love, Dad

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If they are currently filming Season 8 of Million Dollar Listing New York, Ryan and Emilia could be bound by a contract. This could be why they didn’t share the pregnancy news, as their journey had been filmed for the show.

This could also mean that the name reveal will be saved for the show.

But since they both appear traditional and proud of their heritage, we can guess that the baby girl will have a Greek-influenced name, and will most likely have Serhant as the last name.

Back in September, we actually guessed that she could be pregnant. The couple took a trip to Greece and talked about how this was a very important trip for them. At the time, she would have been around 12 weeks pregnant.

In photos, Emilia would cover her body and her belly, possibly because she was already showing a little bit. On Million Dollar Listing New York, the couple had been honest about wanting a family, but also about how they had failed several times and how they were worried they would fail with IVF.

Emilia Bechrakis also shared an Instagram post about her daughter’s arrival, calling her daughter “babylino.”

While this most likely isn’t her name, it is an adorable nickname for the new bundle of joy.

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Καρδούλα μου γλυκιά I have waited to exhale for months. It took a long, painful journey to meet you. From the first time we heard your heart beating, I instantly wanted to cocoon you and protect you from the world. I talked to you every single day for 41 long weeks, begging you to ‘stick’. (Until the last two weeks I begged you to stop kicking my ribs so hard with those big feet and come out!) I told you every day how much I love you. I rubbed my belly and cherished every single movement, as any sign that you were listening. Every night, I prayed with all my soul that you were healthy and thanked God for the miracle that you are. Now that you’re finally here, and I get to stare into your eyes, to smell your skin, to hold you, my heart is bursting… I can’t find the perfect words to describe how madly in love I am. I am forever grateful…my babylino, that you chose me to be your Mommy.

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We’ve previously guessed that Million Dollar Listing New York Season 8 will air on Bravo later this year. Even though the network hasn’t announced anything yet, it’s almost certain that the show will return given its success on Bravo.

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