Meet the woman who has had 13 surgeries to look like Ivanka Trump on Botched

Tiffany pictured next to Ivanka Trump
Tiffany (left) wants to look like Ivanka Trump (right)

This week on Botched, Dr. Dubrow and Dr. Nassif meet Tiffany who want to look exactly like the First Daughter Ivanka Trump.

She tells the doctors that she was pretty before but that now after her surgeries she feel much more elegant.

They are shocked when they find out that she has had 13 surgeries in the last year. Though she explains that she’s actually only been under anesthesia three times, with multiple procedures being carried out each time.

Dr. Nassif explains that: “In plastic surgery sometimes we do multiple procedures, now they may be small but you can up to five or six procedures at one time…as long as its safe.”

However, Dr. Nassif looks worried and wonders why she had so many surgeries over such a short period of time. They ask her about relationships and find out that she began her surgeries a few months after her marriage ended.

Both doctors think that you have to be very careful for people looking for drastic surgery quickly after a big emotional event, as often they are having them for the wrong reasons.

What do you think? Does Tiffany look like Ivanka?

Also on this episode, a woman who was a virtual recluse is given a path to freedom with some new breasts from Dr. Dubow and a telenovela nose job needs some fixing!

Botched airs Thursdays at 9:00 PM on E!

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