Meet the Putmans: Family of 26 all live in ONE house

The family posing for a photo in Meet the Putmans
The 26 members of the family posing for a group photo in Meet the Putmans

If you thought sharing your home with a couple of other people was difficult, wait till you see Meet the Putmans — a new TLC series which follows a family where 26 members all live in one house!

At the start of the season, the family is made up of 10 adults and 15 kids over multiple generations — with the 26th addition being born during Season 1.

The heads of the family are Bill and Barb Putman, who live with their four adult children along with their partners, plus 15 — soon to be 16 — grandkids.

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Despite there being 26 of them, their home only has six bedroom and two bathrooms.

Watch a clip below as Bill explains his theory of why more is better.

He says: “We’re reincarnating the old family — where everybody took care of everybody. It’s a beautiful thing.”

From trying to match socks from the laundry to cleaning, nothing is easy when there’s 26 people under one roof…

26 People In One House?! Meet The Putmans!

Meet the Putmans airs Mondays at 10/9c on TLC. 

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