Meet the Putmans exclusive: Doing laundry for a family of 26 is total chaos

What happens when you have to do the laundry for a family of 26? Yup, as our exclusive clip from this week’s Meet the Putmans on TLC shows — it’s total chaos! The mothers and some of the children have to head down to the local laundromat after their laundry machine at home breaks down. But

Meet the Putmans: Family of 26 all live in ONE house

If you thought sharing your home with a couple of other people was difficult, wait till you see Meet the Putmans — a new TLC series which follows a family where 26 members all live in one house! At the start of the season, the family is made up of 10 adults and 15 kids


10 adults and 15 kids from one family all share a house in Meet the Putmans

Meet the Putmans  is a brand new reality show on TLC that follows a big family who all live together in one house. 25 individual from three generations of one Michigan family all live in the same house and you can be sure that life is never dull. The Putmans don’t just share a house, they