Billy and Jen have touching and emotional talk about body image on Meet the Putmans

Meet the Putmans
Jen worries about her body shape on Meet the Putmans

This week on Meet the Putmans, Billy and Jen’s date night turns a little emotional and serious when Jen opens up about how she her body shape.

Billy and Jen are planning a date night but things get quite emotional when Jen frets over wearing a dress Billy bought for her.

She shows him two other dresses that she might wear but he wants her to buy the one he bought. Jen is worried about her body and says the dress shows quite a lot of skin.

Billy asks if she does not want to wear, Jen says that she does for him but then she starts to cry…

Its not the dress she does not like it’s me and she talks to the camera saying she is struggling with the way she looks and feels.

Also on this week’s episode,   Barb and Kacie gets the results back for their cancer tests. Later Kacie and the family celebrate her 30th birthday with a themed party.

Meet the Putmans airs on Mondays at 10:00 PM on TLC.

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