Feeding family of 26 is like ‘feeding an army’: Meet the Putmans exclusive

The moms on Meet the Putmans and, insets of birthday girl Emma and one of the boys on his birthday
The moms talk food on Meet the Putmans and, left, some of the family’s eating-based fun

If you thought your grocery bill was big — imagine what it would be like if you had a family of 26!

Watch our exclusive sneak peek below for this week’s episode of TLC’s new series Meet the Putmans, which follows a family of exactly that number who all live under one roof.

In the clip the family — who this week see the arrival of their 26th member — explain just how much food it takes to feed the household, with matriarch Barb Putman admitting: “It’s like feeding an army!”

With all their family members, the Putmans have an average of one birthday party every two weeks throughout the year.

That means A LOT of cakes — and a lot of preparation — as the moms explain in the clip below as they prepare for the 10th birthday party of one of the kids, Emma.

But just normal day-to-day cooking is a giant task too, and doesn’t come cheap.

Patriarch Bill tells how just one random mid-week shop — not even the main one of the week — ended up costing $600!

Meet the Putmans airs Mondays at 10/9c on TLC.

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