MasterChef recap: Who went home on Season 10, Episode 17?

Bri On MasterChef
Brielle “Bri” Baker cooking in MasterChef kitchen for Season 10. Pic credit: FOX/YouTube

The Episode 17 MasterChef recap covers another challenge involving the top 10 home cooks. It involved an Elimination Challenge where six people were cooking for their time on the show.

During the last episode, the cooks were split into two teams at Irwindale Speedway. It was an exciting battle, at times in the rain, with the cooks making food for race workers.

The team of Jamie Hough, Micah Yaroch, Sarah Faherty, Subha Ramiah, and Dorian Hunter won the challenge. But there was a twist. The MasterChef judges told them that Micah (team captain) would be selecting one of his teammates to also be forced to cook in the Elimination Challenge.

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Brielle “Bri” Baker, Fred Chang, Nick DiGiovanni, Noah Sims, and Shari Mukherjee were on the losing team, meaning they would be joined by one person from Micah’s team to compete in an intense challenge.

‘Box in a Box in a Box’

The new episode of the show involved an extensive Mystery Box Challenge that tested the skills of the home cooks. To help them on their way, Chef Gordon Ramsay did another master demonstration before they started their dishes. As shown below, it was a surf and turf challenge.

Who went home on MasterChef tonight?

Micah chose to put Subha Ramiah in the Mystery Box Challenge, setting up the field of six home cooks. By the end of the night, one of them would be walking out the door. But Micha’s choice seemed to light a fire under Subha, who may have found a new gear in the kitchen.

Subha survived and got to watch from the balcony as the MasterChef judges decided which one of the home cooks was going home.

Would it be Bri after she forgot to put the black truffles on her dish? Would it be Shari because she was in charge of the team that lost the recent challenge? Maybe it would be Fred for serving a rare steak?

The cook who went home on MasterChef tonight was Fred Chang.

MasterChef airs on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 8/7c on FOX.

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