MasterChef recap: Who was safe during Season 10, Episode 6?

Alessandra Ambrosio On MasterChef
Alessandra Ambrosio appeared on the sixth episode of MasterChef 2019. Pic credit: FOX/YouTube

The MasterChef recap from Season 10, Episode 6 comes from a hot and spicy evening on the show.

Kimberly White was sent home on MasterChef last week, finishing out the first Team Challenge of the season.

The top 17 home cooks were brought back for another exciting episode of the show. Most of it revolved around a Mystery Box Challenge, forcing the cooks to show what they could do in the kitchen.

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Judges Gordon Ramsay, Aarón Sanchez, and Joe Bastianich had a twist for the cooks, but first, it was time to bring out a special guest for the new episode.

Alessandra Ambrosio guest-stars on MasterChef

The Mystery Box had the staple proteins of Latin cuisine inside. The home cooks had prawns, octopus, red snapper, skirt steak, and swordfish to work with. Alessandra Ambrosio was there to get things started.

The Mystery Box Challenge allowed a lot of the home cooks to play to their strengths, and it was nice that there were so many different proteins for them to work with.

Who went home on MasterChef tonight?

Nobody went home, as this challenge was designed to award safety to the best performers. Those people who gained the safety would not have to participate in the Elimination Challenge that airs June 27.

Each of the judges got to pick one of the home cooks that would be safe from elimination this week.

Gordon Ramsay chose Shari Mukherjee, Aarón Sanchez chose Nick DiGiovanni, and Joe Bastianich chose Wuta Onda.

There is another episode of MasterChef Season 10 this week. It takes place on Thursday night and will force the cooks to replicate one of Gordon’s best dishes. Can they remember what they get taught during the class?

Shari Mukherjee, Nick DiGiovanni, and Wuta Onda will watch from the balcony as 14 other home cooks try to save themselves from elimination.

MasterChef airs Wednesday and Thursday nights at 8/7c on FOX.

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