MasterChef recap: Season 10, Episode 20 features TV host Daphne Oz, but who went home tonight on MasterChef?

Daphne Oz On MasterChef
Daphne Oz helps with Mystery Box Challenge on MasterChef 2019. Pic credit: FOX/YouTube

The MasterChef recap for Season 10, Episode 20 of the show comes from the Wednesday night installment. There are just eight home cooks left competing for the 2019 title.

During the last episode, the home cooks were tasked with creating and making their own sausage. While several of the cooks struggled with the night, it was Jamie Hough who got sent home by the MasterChef judges.

For the new episode of the show, TV host Daphne Oz was on hand to help out with a Mystery Box Challenge. Viewers may recognize her as a former host of The Chew, where she worked for six years. She is also a nutrition author.

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Season 10 has been a lot of fun with all the guest judges and guest appearances, and that continued when Daphne Oz took the stage with the other three MasterChef judges.

MasterChef recap: Season 10, Episode 20

This was a tough episode for the final eight home cooks. Their guest introduced the rules of this week’s Mystery Box Challenge and they were intense.

Each of the cooks had to create an elevated one-pan dish using only a cast iron pan. It forced a lot of cooks to really dig deep, and at one point, chef Gordon Ramsay even stepped into the kitchen to prove it could be done.

A perfect caption was shared about Joe Bastianich as he watched Gordon taking on the challenge. It is shared below and it won’t be surprising to many long-time viewers of MasterChef USA.

Who went home on MasterChef tonight?

It was a very chaotic episode, with a lot of fun dishes. Subha Ramiah was told that he had the best dish of the night, which meant that he was definitely safe for another week.

At the opposite end of the spectrum, the three home cooks deemed to have the worst dishes were Micah Yaroch, Noah Sims, and Brielle “Bri” Baker. One of them would be going home.

In the end, the cook that went home on MasterChef tonight was Brielle “Bri” Baker. Her nine lives on the show had run out.

That brings an end to the MasterChef recap for Season 10, Episode 20. The summer 2019 season continues next Wednesday night with an all-new episode of the show.

MasterChef airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on FOX.

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