Mary Kills People Season 3 release date, trailer, cast, plot, and latest updates

Mary Kills People
Global renews Mary Kills People for Season 3. Pic credits: Global

Update: Global announced the start of production on Mary Kills People season 3 in January. The upcoming six-episode third and final season of the show will air on Global in the spring of 2019.

Mary Kills People stars Caroline Dhavernas as Dr. Mary Harris, Richard Shot as Mary’s partner Des Bennett, and Jay Ryan as Detective Ben Wesley. Joining the cast of the critically acclaimed Canadian series for season 3 are Elizabeth Saunders who will play a nurse whose actions complicate issues for Mary, and Rachael Ancheril who plays a hospice patient.

Mary Kills People Season 3: Introduction

Canada’s Global TV Network confirmed its award-winning drama series Mary Kills People for Season 3 back in June. However, Lifetime, the U.S. network which brought the first two six-episode seasons of the series to U.S. viewers, will not carry the third and final season of the series.

Deadline reported in December that Mary Kills People will not return to Lifetime for Season 3, after Global TV confirmed the renewal of the series for its third and final season in June.

U.S. fans of the show had waited patiently for months, hoping for good news, before Deadline confirmed the cancellation of the show on Lifetime. Although Lifetime will not air Mary Kills People Season 3, U.S. viewers will eventually be able to watch the episodes through online streaming form the likes of Hulu, Amazon and Vudu.

Ahead of Global TV’s announcement of the official premiere date, we bring you everything you need to know about Mary Kills People Season 3, including release date, trailer, cast, plot and latest updates.

Mary Kills People Season 3 release date

Mary Kills People
Mary Kills People Season 3 premieres in the spring of 2019. Pic credit: Global TV

Although Global TV has confirmed Mary Kills People Season 3 for the 2018-2019 TV season, the network has not announced an official release date. But the announcement will likely come very soon as the series is expected to premiere on the Canadian network in the  spring of 2019.

Mary Kills Season 1 premiered on Lifetime on April 23, 2017, after the series premiered on Global on January 25. Similarly, Mary Kills People Season 2 premiered on Lifetime on March 12, 2018, after the series premiered on Global on January 3, 2018.

Mary Kills People explores the subject of euthanasia

Mary Kills People
Mary Kills People Season 3 delves into the controversial subject of physician-assisted death. Pic credit: Global TV

Mary Kills People follows the exploits of Mary Harris (Caroline Dhavernas), a physician and single mother, as she juggles her family life and day job as an ER doctor, while also providing illegal mercy-killing (physician-assisted death/euthanasia) services on the side.

She moonlights in her illegal business as a euthanasia service provider with her friend Des (Richard Short), a former plastic surgeon. They help terminally ill people to end their lives on their own terms.

Mary Kills People is created and written by Tara Armstrong and produced by Entertainment One (eOne) and Cameron Pictures, in association with Corus Entertainment. Entertainment One holds the worldwide rights to the series.

Armstrong also serves as executive producer for the series, alongside Tassie Cameron, Amy Cameron, Jocelyn Hamilton, and Tecca Crosby. Directors include by Kelly Makin (Season 2), Norma Bailey (Season 2), David Wellington (Season 2) and Holly Dale (Season 1).

Global TV first confirmed it had ordered the first six-episode season of the series on January 28, 2018, and production began in the summer of the same year. Mary Kills People premiered on Global TV on January 25, 2017.

Lifetime announced it had picked up the series for U.S. telecast in October 2016. The U.S. network came on board to co-produce Mary Kills People Seasons 1 and 2 with Global, and participated in the creative process and casting.

Mary Kills People Season 2 averaged only a 0.07 rating  in the 18-49 U.S. demographic, and drew 299,000 U.S. viewers, down by more than 50 percent compared with Season 1.

Mary Kills People Season 1 scored a “generally favorable” rating of 66 on Metacritic, based on eight critical reviews, and 100% on Rotten Tomatoes based on 11 critical reviews.

Season 2 of the series scored 100% on Rotten Tomatoes based on 5 critical reviewers.

“I wrote this because I think that it’s important to talk about the topic and not just ignore it,” Armstrong told Variety. “What we really wanted to do was normalize death and the dying process and present a different kind of death than what we normally see on TV.”

Armstrong admitted that she’d been preoccupied with the subject of death since she was a child and that she has been writing about death as way of helping herself to figure out her feelings about it.

Although she does not admit that Mary Kills People was inspired by any true story, many doctors have been charged in recent years with illegally offering mercy-killing services. The best-known case involved Dr. Jack Kevorkian in the 1990s. Kevorkian, who died in 2011, was accused of helping about 130 terminally ill patients to end their lives.

Kevorkian gained notoriety as “Dr. Death,” and was finally sentenced to eight years in prison.

He insisted in an interview with the New York Times that his goal was to “make euthanasia a positive experience.”

Mary Kills People Season 3 trailer

Mary Kills People 3. Pic credit: Global

Global has not yet released on official trailer for Mary Kills People Season 3, but the network is expected to drop one very soon.

Meanwhile, enjoy the promo videos and trailer from Seasons 1 and 2 below:

Mary Kills Season 3 returning cast

Mary Kills People
Caroline Dhavernas returns as Mary Harris in Mary Kills People Season 3. Pic credit: Lifetime

Likely returning cast members for Mary Kills People Season 3 include Caroline Dhavernas as Mary Harris, Richard Short as Desmond Bennett, Sebastien Roberts as Mary’s ex Kevin, Abigail Winter as Mary’s daughter Jessica, Lola Flanery as Mary’s second daughter Cambie, and Charlotte Sullivan as Mary’s sister Nicole Mitchell.

Mary Kills People Season 3 plot

Mary Kills People
Mary Kills People Season 3 will be darker than previous seasons. Pic credit: Global TV

The concluding season of the drama series is expected to comprise six episodes.

Mary Kills People focuses on the single mother and physician Mary Harris, who works at the emergency department of the Eden General Hospital by day but illegally provides physician-assisted death services on the side. She moonlights as an “angel of death” with her partner Des, a former plastic surgeon.

As an “end of life counselor,” she helps terminally ill patients to exercise the choice of ending their lives on their own terms.

Mary Harris, an advocate of Physician-assisted death, helps her patients end their lives by serving them a cocktail of champagne and sodium pentobarbital. The moment of euthanasia is portrayed as a moment of celebration.

However, the illegal business of providing mercy-killing services to terminally ill patients proves complicated when the police get on her trail. Mary has to resort to devious means to avoid being taken down by the police.

In Season 1 she and Des were able to frame Grady (Greg Bryk) for the death of their patients.

Season 2 of the series starts eight months after Mary and Des framed Grady for the death of their patients. Des returns from prison and teams up again with Mary, but Mary is already feeling she would be better off working alone.

Then along comes Olivia Bloom with a request that leads to a blackmail attempt.

In Season 2, Mary appears to sink deeper into criminality as she pursues her self-imposed duty of helping terminally ill people end their own lives. Des, a former heroin addict, struggles to rein in her worst impulses.

The partners briefly split up and independently continue providing their underground death services, but they are soon back together again, but with the cops still hot on their trail. As the show progresses, the two have to confront the moral and ethical issues involved in their work and decide where they must draw the line.

While its seems that the two might have crossed a line and ventured too far into a dark place from where they’d never return, there might still be hope for them.

It is significant that the Canadian Global TV Network started airing Mary Kills People as Canadian lawmakers reconsidered the controversial issues of ethics and morality surrounding physician-assisted death.

Canada recently approved a law that allows terminally ill patients to request euthanasia under strict regulating guidelines.

“I thought the subject matter was really important and interesting, and I think it’s a social debate we should have more often,” Dhavernas said in an interview with TVLine.

But she explained that the new Canadian legislation “was a bit of a coincidence, because Tara Armstrong, our writer, wrote it this way before the law was changed.”

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