Married at First Sight’s Jon asks haters to give Molly a break: ‘She’s beat up’

Molly on Married at First Sight
Molly on the latest Married at First Sight, in which she and Jon said they planned to divorce

Married at First Sight star Jonathan Francetic has asked haters to give Molly Duff a break — saying she is “a bit beat up”.

We told last week how Molly had stopped using Twitter after being repeatedly subjected to online abuse, and she still hasn’t started using it again.

Last night’s MAFS episode saw Jon and Molly call it quits on their relationship — deciding before deadline day that they would divorce after a fractious few weeks.

But Jon took to Twitter ahead of the episode to ask fans to lay off Molly and help pick her up rather than put her down.

His comment came in response to another post from a fan which asked others not to be judgmental about the couples on the show.

Jon said: “Um seconded! I appreciate the positivity sent my way, but Molly’s been getting a bit beat up. Be the person to pick her up too..?”

Previews for next week’s Married at First Sight finale showed Jon and Molly attending decision day together, but it seems VERY unlikely that there’ll be a U-turn in their relationship.

Married at First Sight airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Lifetime. 

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