Married at First Sight success story Jamie Otis wants Luke and Kate’s marriage to end in divorce

Jamie Otis on a web episode of Married at First Sight Unfiltered
Jamie Otis wants to see Luke and Kate divorce. Pic credit: Married at First Sight/YouTube

Watching Luke and Kate on Season 8 of Married at First Sight has been pretty cringe-worthy since the start. Up until now, most viewers were Team Kate as many thought Luke has been gaslighting Kate.

What’s clear is that there is some dysfunction going on regardless of who is to blame.

Now, we finally have an opinion from a Married at First Sight insider as far as what should happen with Luke and Kate when they show up for decision day.

Jamie, who hosts Married at First Sight Unfiltered, took to Twitter to share her opinion of the Luke and Kate situation and it echoes what many have been saying about the couple for weeks.

“In all the years of watching the new couples of #mafs (we celebrate 5 years on 3/23!) I’ve never *wanted* a couple to end in divorce. But I hope this Kate and Luke disaster ends – she deserves so much more and he needs to work on himself,” Jamie tweeted.

With decision day coming up soon, many Married at First Sight fans voiced a similar opinion of the couple, with some even wishing that the relationship experts would just step in and save Kate.

In the most recent episode, Luke and Kate hit another rough patch when she confessed to telling Dr. Pepper that they had been having sex since their honeymoon night despite his wishes to keep that information private.

Then, Luke turned it all around, telling Kate that the real issue is her drinking problem. This time, he went a step further and even accused her of getting blackout drunk and sexually aggressive when she has a bit too much wine.

Kate then defended herself, saying that Luke turns her down for sex even when she is sober and that she doesn’t think her alcohol consumption has anything to do with it.

He disagrees and then continues talking about Kate’s supposed drinking problem to the point where she shuts down and tells him that he’s right before putting her earbuds in and ignoring him for the rest of the car ride home.

It’s not clear what Luke and Kate will decide on Decision Day but what is clear is that many Married at First Sight viewers are hoping the pair will decide to call it quits and go their own ways.

Their relationship is clearly troubled and has been from the start. Whether Kate has a drinking problem or not, something just isn’t right and really has never been.

In fact, in response to Luke’s constant accusations that Kate has a drinking problem, many on Twitter have commented that if they were in her shoes, they would drink too.

What’s really become clear is that Luke is the villain of Season 8 on Married at First Sight. Even with some trying to defend him or at the very least, question if Kate might really have a problem, the dislike for him is very strong.

Now we’ll just have to wait and see if Luke and Kate give viewers what they want or if they are going to keep on trying to salvage a marriage that probably never should have been.

Married at First Sight airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Lifetime. 

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