Married at First Sight spoilers: Kate Sisk meets with Luke Cuccurullo’s mom to talk marriage frustration

Luke's mom meets with Kate on Married at First Sight
Kate seeks help from Luke’s mom on Married at First Sight. Pic credit: Lifetime

Luke and Kate are easily the most talked about couple on Season 8 of Married at First Sight because they are still dealing with Luke’s lack of attraction and it’s causing some major issues.

This week, all of the MAFS couples are meeting up with their parents to get a bit of parental advice for their new marriages. Certainly, each of the couples will learn something valuable from this meeting, especially Kate, who just can’t seem to win no matter how hard she tries.

However, it looks like Luke’s mom may not share advice with the new bride that gives her any hope because in this Married at First Sight clip, even she notices and mentions how sad Kate looks.

As the latest MAFS sneak peek opens, Kate says, ” I want to sit down with Luke’s mom and get some advice.”

The two can be seen holding hands in the emotional clip before Luke’s mom asks, “If this doesn’t end the way you wanted, will you feel you’ve put forth a good effort?”

Is Luke’s mom preparing Kate for decision date and the very distinct possibility that Luke may choose to divorce her? Either way, it’s really not looking good for the future of Luke and Kate’s relationship.

Especially after last week, when Luke was confronted by Dr. Pepper Schwartz after telling producers that he was concerned about how much Kate had been drinking.

It turns out that he wasn’t really concerned and didn’t really think she’d been drinking too much so why would Luke say something like that? He’s been in the hot seat ever since because many think he’s looking for reasons to nit-pick Kate and continuing to string her along.

Does Luke’s mom know something that Married at First Sight viewers don’t? Has he been talking to her about his lack of attraction to Kate Sisk? We’ll just have to watch this week and find out.

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