Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition exclusive – Jessica Dime draws the line at cheating accusations

Jessica Dime on Marriage Boot Camp: Love & Hip Hop Edition
Jessica Dime draws the line at asking if she cheated at Marriage Boot Camp. Pic credit: WEtv

Marriage Boot Camp: Love & Hip Hop Edition is winding down and now, the reality stars are ready to make some big decisions about what to do with their relationships.

Jessica Dime and her fiance Shawne Williams are at a crossroads and still haven’t set a date for their wedding yet but will they ever make it to the altar?

In this exclusive Marriage Boot Camp clip, we can see that Jessica Dime is upset after Shawne Williams asked if she ever cheated on him. The pair have been engaged for two years now and even share an adorable daughter together but she wants more out of their relationship.

Shawne has reservations about marrying Jessica and doesn’t want to take the final step until he knows whether or not she’s been faithful since they’ve been together. He worries that Jessica may have cheated on him at some point.

That bothers Jessica Dime, who wants to know if she and Shawne will be waking down the aisle within the next year. She got her ring and now she wants to make things official. So what’s the hold-up Shawne?

When faced with questions about possible infidelity, Jessica puts it all on the line, telling Shawne, “I love you more than life itself but for you to ask me a question like if I ever cheated on you, it kind of hurt me. If you can’t trust me, then don’t even bother setting a date.”

Could that motivate Shawne Williams to go ahead and get married to Jessica Dime or will he decide to walk away?

Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition airs Thursdays at 10/9c on WEtv. 

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