Lucy Hale reacts to Katy Keene cancellation: Riverdale spin-off looking for new home

Katy Keene canceled by The CW.
Lucy Hale broke down talking about Katy Keene not being renewed for Season 2. Pic credit: The CW

Lucy Hale shared her reaction to Katy Keene cancellation, as news the Riverdale spin-off is looking for another home gives the cast hope.

On Thursday, The CW decided it was not moving forward with another season of Katy Keene. The network and creators had high-hopes for the Riverdale spin-off. Plus, having Lucy as the headliner of the show also added appeal to the drama.

However, the show never gained the fanbase or became the cult hit Riverdale did in its first season, which was also 13 episodes.

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What Lucy said about Katy Keene cancellation

The actress used Instagram to share a heartfelt and emotional message with fans, regarding news Katy Keene was canceled.

In a video, Lucy revealed it had taken her a couple of tries to get the video right because she was “a blubbering mess.” Lucy admitted she had been struggling with what to share about the cancelation all day because nothing felt right.

“I was like, I don’t want to just post a picture or a caption because nothing would do justice to how I feel about ‘Katy Keene’ or how I feel with the people involved with it,” she said in part of her message.

Lucy then started to cry as she called the news heartbreaking.

She praised the show, the cast, the creators, and the fans who stuck with Katy Keene. It is going to take the actress awhile to get over the loss of the show that she feels was so special.

Katy Keene looking for a new home

There is some hopeful news for Lucy, fans, and the show. Katy Keene creators are looking for a new home for the series.

It may be a long shot, but the teen drama could get picked-up elsewhere. According to Deadline, Warner Bros. Television, the studio behind the show, is shopping it around.

The most logical place the show could end up would be HBO Max, which is currently streaming Season 1 of Katy Keene. Plus, it would keep the show within the family, since the streaming service and studio are corporate siblings.

Another potential option is Netflix. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina currently airs on the platform. The show is created by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, who, as fans know, developed Riverdale and Katy Keene.

Netflix has been a big supporter of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. The drama is slated to drop Season 4 this year.

Riverdale also streams on Netflix. Adding Katy Keene into the mix could add another element to the Riverdale spin-off universe.

The CW has canceled Katy Keene, leaving actress Lucy Hale devastated. Not all hope is lost for the show. A new home for the drama could be in the works.

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