Love After Lockup spoilers: Lizzie reveals she offered to pay Scott back

Lizzie talking to Scott on Love After Lockup
Lizzie isn’t shy about revealing she is an addict. Pic credit: WEtv

Love After Lockup has been a rollercoaster all season long. Scott and Lizzie returned for Season 2 after her release was delayed during Season 1. Their story has been talked about a lot and viewers want to know where these two stand.

It looks like Scott and Lizzie are no longer together. After Love After Lockup quit filming, it is likely they split.

Right now, Lizzie is incredibly active on social media and Scott has only posted a few times. While it hasn’t been confirmed that they aren’t in a relationship, Lizzie’s new video definitely hints that way.

Scott knew Lizzie was using the money to buy drugs

One of the biggest issues for Scott and Lizzie on Love After Lockup is the money he spent on her and what she used it to purchase.

He knew that she was an addict and that some of the money was being used to purchase drugs while incarcerated. Lizzie’s daughter was incredibly angry about it and when she confronted Scott, he didn’t deny it.

While Lizzie was locked up and throughout the duration of their relationship, Scott spent $90,000 on her. It wasn’t only on drugs though. Some of the money used on Lizzie went to pay her lawyer bills and other things that were needed.

Lizzie’s new Instagram video

Viewers have a lot to say about the money Scott spent on Lizzie after watching Love After Lockup. She gets comments on social media every single day. In response to some of that, Lizzie made the Instagram video.

She claims she has offered to pay Scott the money back and that he won’t take it. Given the dire financial strait he appears to be in on Love After Lockup, that is baffling to viewers.

If she was still with Scott, why would Lizzie offer to pay back some of the money?

The video confirms once again that Scott knew she was a heroin addict and she gave him the option to leave or stay and Scott chose to stay. So, was he really just a trick?

What will happen next for Scott and Lizzie?

Love After Lockup airs Friday nights at 9/8c on WEtv.

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