Love After Lockup Season 3: When will the show return to WEtv?

The Love After Lockup opening
Love After Lockup returns in summer 2019. Pic credit: WEtv

Love After Lockup has become one of the most talked about reality shows. Season 2 upped the ante and now viewers want to know when more is coming. Several weeks ago it was announced that Love After Lockup will be returning but no further details were given.

Last night, Season 2 of Love After Lockup came to an end. The relationships this season were more intense than the freshman season, leaving some viewers stunned. Out of all of the couples featured, only one appeared to be gaining a happily ever after ending.

When will Love After Lockup return?

During the season finale of Love After Lockup, there was a small trailer that aired. It was mostly voiceover, but there was at least one couple shown. As of now, the show will be returning this summer, but no date has been officially released.

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What do we know about Love After Lockup Season 3?

It looks like Love After Lockup will feature all new couples. The one shown during last night’s show was definitely not a couple that viewers have seen before. One couple, Angela and Tony, never appeared during Season 2 so there is some speculation that they may pop up this summer.

As far as when filming starts or if it started already goes, there has been no information given. There were casting calls put out and it appears that the network found more people who were willing to put their relationships front and center.

Love After Lockup returns in summer 2019 on WEtv.

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