Love After Lockup Season 2 update coming? Lizzie reveals she is filming again

Lizzie checking out a church after her engagement on Love After Lockup.
Lizzie is back filming for Love After Lockup. Pic credit: WEtv

Lizzie from Love After Lockup has been very active on social media since Season 2 began airing. From sharing videos to photos of things she is doing, her life has been put out there for everyone to comment on.

Another season of Love After Lockup is coming this summer, but details surrounding it remain scarce. It appeared that it would be featuring all new couples and the ones from Season 2 were finished filming. Now, it looks like viewers may see the Love After Lockup couples again.

Filming for Love After Lockup resumes for Lizzie

On Instagram, Lizzie shared a photo earlier today of her filming for Love After Lockup again. While she can’t reveal what she is filming exactly, there is speculation that it will be a where are they now deal.

The Season 1 couples each got an hour-long special that chronicled their story and once those finished airing, there was another special that revealed what they were up to since filming. Only Mary and Dom came out with a fairytale love story, though that didn’t surprise anyone.

Are Scott and Lizzie still together?

Following the Season 2 finale, Lizzie revealed she had dumped Scott for good. After months of back and forth on social media, she realized the woman he was reportedly being stalked by was someone he was seeing as she appeared with him at the end of the show.

Now, Lizzie is busy focusing on her work and recovery. Not much has been said about Scott, which has viewers wondering what he has been up to since things ended badly with Lizzie.

Love After Lockup will return to WEtv this summer.

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