LIVE’s Kelly Ripa refutes rumors she got lip fillers on vacation with this tutorial

Kelly Ripa on a red carpet
Kelly Ripa shared a make-up tutorial in an effort to refute rumors she had work done on her lips. Pic credit: © Admedia

LIVE with Kelly and Mark aired two weeks of previously recorded shows while the cast and crew took a much-needed break.

With that much time off, Kelly Ripa and her husband, Mark Consuelos, had time to rest and soak up the sun while on vacation.

When they returned from break and showed off their new looks, fans went wild, especially over Mark’s short haircut. Everyone, especially Kelly, wanted it grown out over the summer.

Fans also thought Kelly had new lips done while she and Mark were in Geneva, Switzerland, and Kelly felt the need to set the record straight.

Kelly is always transparent about her looks. She speaks about her gray hair and the length of time it takes to cover her roots every other week, and getting her lips done is not something she would hide.

Kelly shared an Instagram tutorial showing everyone how she gets her lips to look full without plastic surgery. The post was captioned, “No, I didn’t get lip fillers. This is the lip trick you monsters.”

Kelly called out the ‘monsters’ who thought she had her lips done on Instagram

Kelly wanted to set the record straight on her lips and shared an in-depth tutorial on her Instagram for fans and detractors alike.

In the video, Kelly shared that she likes her lips, even though, because of age, her upper lips seem like they are sucked down to Middle Earth.”

During the tutorial, Kelly explains, “So, what I’ve been doing is taking a brown eyeliner, and I trace on the outside of my lip line, and then I fill it in, and then I take a regular like MAC Spice or whatever your lip liner of choice is, and I trace outside of that.”

She revealed that she also uses beauty products from Rinna Beauty, a company her friend Lisa Rinna owns. One product that Kelly mentioned is the Chanel Ombre Contour lip liner.

Fans then started responding to Kelly’s tutorial. One fan said, “Great tip, Kelly, and no filler needed!!”

Another fan thought it was funny she called her haters monsters, “You monsters…love you, Kel.”

Another fan clarified why Kelly felt the need to share this by saying in part, “She was merely shutting up the critics that accused her of fillers.”

Fans react to Kelly Ripa's makeup tutorial on Instagram
Fans reacted to Kelly Ripa showing fans how she does her lips on Instagram. Pic credit: @kellyripa/Instagram

Kelly Ripa shared some throwback photos for Independence Day

Kelly also took the time to post pictures from past Independency Day holidays on her Instagram just a day after wishing her father, Joe Ripa, a happy birthday.
Fans always love to see photos of Kelly and her family, especially from years ago.

There will be new live episodes of LIVE with Kely and Mark at the beginning of next week.

LIVE with Kelly and Mark airs weekdays on ABC.

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