Kelly Ripa reveals why she isn’t ready to stay gray

Kelly Ripa at the Academy Awards
Kelly Ripa reveals the reason why she doesn’t want to stay gray. Pic credit: ©

Kelly Ripa on Live with Kelly and Mark took the time to think long and hard about a question that her husband, Mark Consuelos, posed to her on the show.

The banter between Kelly and Mark during the show’s host chat gives fans a glimpse into their home life, and Mark’s question reveals a lot about Kelly’s hair issue.

Kelly has often thought about going blonde or staying gray, especially during the hours of long dyeing sessions she must endure, she revealed during the host chat.

Kelly makes her job look easy, but she puts a lot of time and effort into looking beautiful and fit for LIVE, from her workout routines to the extreme diet that her nutritionist oversees.

As reported by Monsters and Critics, fans could not believe how little Kelly eats during the day, according to her nutritionist, which is just one facet of her beauty regime.

Her hair coloring has been causing her much more grief than her diet or workouts, as Kelly revealed during her rants about the hours it took to dye her gray hair blonde.

Mark stunned Kelly by asking what she thought about keeping the gray

Kelly seemed to have expressed her frustrations about the hours it takes to dye her hair blonde because, as she revealed, “My hair just wants to stay gray!” She continued, “I cannot tell you how long it takes to cover my gray hair.”

The biggest problem for Kelly was that after all the hours she sat to have her hair colored, she still found gray hair on her head.

‘What do you think?’ Mark asked. Kelly looked at him and said, “What do I think about what?” Mark, who seemed to have a death wish, said, “Letting the gray happen.”

Kelly said she would do it, but she doesn’t like her gray. She says, “It’s not like a gorgeous silver or pretty white…it’s almost translucent.” If she liked how it looked better, she might stop the hours in the salon chair.

Kelly reveals the first big splurge she bought with money from her fame

Kelly is famous and is even considered a legend, but it certainly has not gone to her head, and she stays as grounded as possible despite her vast celebrity.

Kelly revealed her feelings about the topic on her podcast, Let’s Talk Off Camera with Kelly Ripa, in an episode titled Fame: With Cole Sprouse and Catherine O’Hara.

After sharing how it is not too much to sign things or take selfies with fans because of the good life that her fame has given her, she revealed her first big splurge.

Kelly bought her mother a white lacquer stand-up piano with her first good paycheck. Kelly’s mom had her and her sister take lessons as children and remembered a nice piano that her grandmother had before she passed away.

Kelly said she felt great being able to buy that for her mom with her earnings from acting.

Live with Kelly and Mark airs weekdays on ABC.

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