Kelly Ripa fans say her diet is ‘sad’ and is ‘starving’ her to death

Kelly Ripa at the Academy Awards.
Kelly Ripa’s diet according to her nutritionist has fans calling her ‘sad.’ Pic credit: ©

It takes a lot for a talk show host like Kelly Ripa to look good every day on Live with Kelly and Mark.

Everyone has off days where they don’t feel or look good, but Kelly Ripa never shows it. She is always gorgeous, and fans are learning how she stays so thin.

Kelly frequently shows off her exercise skills with segments on Live with Kelly and Mark and healthy cooking bits are thrown in here and there.

Kelly’s nutritionist, Dr. Daryl Gioffre, has spoken out about Kelly’s diet and how she keeps herself thin and trim.

According to the article E! News published after speaking to the doctor, it does not seem like Kelly eats a lot each day.

The doctor describes a day filled with green juice, coffee with grass-fed butter and an alkalizer, and a snack of a green apple with almond butter and cinnamon. Lunch features a green salad with raw nuts and the same salad with a protein added in for dinner.

Fans call Kelly’s diet ‘sad’ and ‘miserable’

Kelly seems to feel a constant need to stay thin. Kelly has struggled with body shaming moments that go back to her All My Children Days, as reported by Monsters and Critics.

Enews shared the article on X (formerly Twitter), and fans were upset after reading it and had to share their thoughts about how little she eats in a day.

A fan said, “Sounds sad.” Another mentioned, “She needs to throw in a good sammich or ten!” One fan said, “She’s starving to death. I would be miserable on this diet.”

Fans of Kelly Ripa are upset over her diet.
Fans are upset over Kelly Ripa’s diet and are speaking out on X. Pic credit: @enews/X

One fan said, “She looks like a skeleton. No thanks.”

Another said, “She eats nothing. She needs to gain a few.” And a last in the sample said, “Nothing. She eats nothing. That’s why her flesh is falling off her bones.”

Fans of Kelly Ripa are upset over her diet.
Fans of Kelly Ripa are upset over how little she eats and are calling it out on X. Pic credit: @enews/X

Kelly and Mark are long-time followers of this diet

The doctor shared with ENews that if Kelly wants a sweet, it is something like avocado mousse, and that’s about it.

Kelly and her husband, Mark Consuelos, have followed this celebrity doctor for several years. The doctor said in the caption of his Instagram post that “Kelly walks the walk.” So she must enjoy the results, or she wouldn’t follow them for years.

The doctor was on the show and shared the recipe for Kelly’s go-to dessert on the diet she follows.

The show shared the clip of the doctor touting his diet as he shared the recipe in a segment titled Get Off Your Acid with Dr. Darryl Gioffre.

If that is all that Kelly eats in a day, maybe her fans have a point. It doesn’t seem like enough, but she seems to be loving it.

Live with Kelly and Mark airs weekdays on ABC.

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