Little Women: LA Terra’s fears over partner’s ‘package’ on Dancing With The Stars

Terra shows exactly where she DOESN'T want her DWTS dance partner's package to be
Terra shows exactly where she DOESN’T want her DWTS dance partner’s package to be

On tonight’s Little Women: LA, Terra Jolé talks about her new gig on Dancing With The Stars — and reveals her concerns about having her dance partner’s ‘package’ right in front of her face.

Terra is set to be the first little person on the hit ABC show when she features in the upcoming 23rd season which starts on September 12.

And she has revealed one of her main concerns is the height difference she will have with her dance partner Sasha Farber — and especially which part of him will be at eye-level.

Watch the footage below as, making a shape right in front of her face, she says: “My arms are short, so I’m going to hold the guy a lot closer to me — and I don’t want his package right there!”

Terra is featuring in the show just weeks after giving birth to son Grayson Vincent with her husband Joe Gnoffo.

And that gives her even more to worry about as her doctor raises some concerns on Little Women: LA tonight in a serious case of TMI, saying: “Three weeks after a C-Section? Three weeks after C-Section there’s probably still a little bleeding.”

Also on tonight’s episode, Briana is on the mend after her trouble-filled pregancy as her newborn receives close care in NICU.

Meanwhile, Terra and Elena make plans for a party with a murder-mystery theme, while the questions still remain over how much Christy was involved in the legal papers served to Briana.

Little Women: LA airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Lifetime. Dancing With The Stars Season 23 starts on September 12.

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