Little Women LA: It’s WAR for Terra and Tonya

Terra on Little Women: LA
Terra yells at Tonya and Christy on tonight’s episode of Little Women: LA

On tonight’s Little Women: LA, the row between Terra and Tonya escalates into a full-on war.

The pair fell out on last week’s episode after Terra criticized Tonya’s Lil Boss Body Active Wear line — honing in on the lotus flower logo.

This week Tonya attempts to get the girls doing good while spending some quality time together doing volunteering for Habitat LA.

The work sees them helping to build houses for the charity as part of their Power Women Power Tools event.

But with Terra, Tonya and Christy working together on the same project, things quickly escalate as tensions between them reach boiling point.

Christy says Terra sometimes “becomes like an alien”, while Terra tells her to “butt the f**k out” as she argues with Tonya.

Terra then storms off telling Christy: “Nobody likes you,” to which Christy responds by appearing to call her a “heifer”.

Let’s hope they don’t reach for the power tools!

Also on tonight’s episode of Little Women: LA, titled Tough as Nails, when Tonya attempts to show Kerwin that she no longer has any feelings for her ex, things don’t go to plan when the two men come face-to-face for the first time.

Meanwhile, Elena’s twins are allowed out of hospital for the first time, but Terra is taken aback when Elena tells her she wishes they were average size people rather than Little People.

Little Women: LA Season 5 Episode 6 preview

Little Women: LA airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Lifetime.

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