Little Women: Atlanta: Disaster for Morlin as he asks permission to marry Monie

Ms. Juicy on tonight's Little Women: Atlanta
Ms. Juicy looks on in astonishment at the way events unfold on tonight’s Little Women: Atlanta

On tonight’s Little Women: Atlanta, it’s AWWWKWARD as Monie’s brother and father visit and Morlin asks them for permission to marry her.

Footage shows the group enjoying drinks when Ms. Juicy raises a glass in a toast to the couple, saying: “Congratulations to Morlin an Miss Monie.”

Monie’s dad responds with a totally incredulous expression, and Minnie admits: “This is starting to get really awkward.”

Monie says to the camera: “Morlin never did ask my dad for his blessing.”

Back in the group, Morlin tells her father and brother: “I love Monie, and so I want to get you guys’ permission.”

But things are heading for disaster as Monie’s dad is left totally stunned, and says: “What?!”

Also on tonight’s Little Women: Atlanta, the ladies head to the Chattahoochee River for a spot of tubing.

Meanwhile, Monie gets accused by Minnie over her Little Person status, while Andrea and Chris’s relationship heats things up between her and Amanda.


Little Women: Atlanta airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on Lifetime.

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