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Liberia’s ‘living dinosaur’ Gbahali investigated on Expedition Mungo

Mungo next to water with two crocodiles in
Mungo gets scarily close to some crocodiles on Animal Planet’s Expedition Mungo

Tonight sees the premiere episode of Expedition Mungo on Animal Planet — as cameraman Paul “Mungo” Mungeam investigates reports of Liberia’s “living dinosaur” the Gbahali.

The Gbahali is a massive reptilian creature said to resemble a crocodile, and which is claimed to live in rivers among the dense rainforests of the West African country.

In Expedition Mungo, cameraman Mungeam heads out on its trail as he seeks to prove whether the reports are true or not.

Paul Mungeam pictured kneeling with his arms folded
Paul “Mungo” Mungeam on the hunt for elusive creatures in Expedition Mungo on Animal Planet

According to a submission to the website Cryptomundo from an American working in Liberia, the predatorial Gbahali is said to resemble the extinct reptile postosuchus and measure as long as 30ft.

Harper Collins depiction of a Postosuchus
The extinct postosuchus, which the Gbahali is said to resemble. Pic: HarperCollins

It’s also said to have an armored back with serrations arranged in three rows, along with large carnivorous teeth.

It is claimed to ambush its prey after lying in wait, before drowning it and taking it ashore to eat it.

Mungo is one of the world’s most notoriously adventurous cameramen, having travelled to all corners of the world over the past two decades.

His new series sees him explore the myths and legends that he’s heard while on his various expeditions over the years.

Each episode sees him interview eye witnesses and hunt for clues as he tries to reveal the truth behind a whole host of mysterious creatures.

Expedition Mungo airs Sundays at 10/9c on Animal Planet.

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