Expedition Mungo searches for the child-eating serpent of Borneo

This week Expedition Mungo heads to Borneo in search of a child -ating serpent. Legends of huge snakes are quite common in rainforest regions amongst the locals and sometimes they even have a creation myth attached to them. However, this particular creature is said to be fond of children and hunts them whenever they venture

Expedition Mungo searches Namibia for the dog-headed pig monster

This week Expedition Mungo heads south to the southwest African country of Namibia where he’s seeking a ruthless cryptid that preys on animals and humans. Namibia lies on the west coast of Africa and is famous for its huge desert that borders the Atlantic and is known as the skeleton coast. Further inland the country boasts


India’s Monkey Man of New Delhi monster investigated on Expedition Mungo

The Monkey Man of New Delhi, which caused widespread panic across India’s capital city over claims it was attacking people, is investigated tonight on Animal Planet’s new series Expedition Mungo. The monster was said to be behind numerous attacks, which led to a wave of fear sweeping the city in 2001. In some incidents, people

Liberia’s ‘living dinosaur’ Gbahali investigated on Expedition Mungo

Tonight sees the premiere episode of Expedition Mungo on Animal Planet — as cameraman Paul “Mungo” Mungeam investigates reports of Liberia’s “living dinosaur” the Gbahali. The Gbahali is a massive reptilian creature said to resemble a crocodile, and which is claimed to live in rivers among the dense rainforests of the West African country. In Expedition