Expedition Mungo searches for the child-eating serpent of Borneo

Expedition Mungo Borneo Serpent
This photo appeared across the world in 2009 and claimed to show a 100 foot serpent

This week Expedition Mungo heads to Borneo in search of a child -ating serpent.

Legends of huge snakes are quite common in rainforest regions amongst the locals and sometimes they even have a creation myth attached to them.

However, this particular creature is said to be fond of children and hunts them whenever they venture into the water.

The region is very remote
The region is very remote

The creature made the headlines in 2009 when a picture purporting to show the giant serpent in the Baleh river. The photo shows a really massive animal, that the photographer said was 100 foot long. But a quick look at the photo shows it would actually be much bigger as the trees are tiny next to it. Problems with the photo and an accompanying one were pointed out and it’s thought it was a hoax.

Mungo is looking to find out if there is more to this than stories to frighten children into staying away from dangerous waters.

Expedition Mungo airs at 10:00 PM on Animal Planet.

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