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Expedition Mungo searches Namibia for the dog-headed pig monster

Expedition Mungo Namibia
Expedition Mungo heads to Africa and the beautiful country of Namibia

This week Expedition Mungo heads south to the southwest African country of Namibia where he’s seeking a ruthless cryptid that preys on animals and humans.

Namibia lies on the west coast of Africa and is famous for its huge desert that borders the Atlantic and is known as the skeleton coast. Further inland the country boasts a large population of cheetahs, as well as rhinos and giraffes. If you’re a Top Gear fan then you’ll have seen the team driving through the bush and venturing into the vast salt pans.

Namibia lies in the south western part of Africa, map
Namibia is rich in wildlife and legends

However, Mungo is not interested in filming any of the traditional African savannah wildlife, he is after something altogether more sinister and harder to film.  The dog-headed pig monster is a legendary creature that villagers say creeps into their houses at night and targets children and livestock.

daedron scan
An artist’s impression of the long-extinct Daeodon. Credit: Jay Matternes

Many of the descriptions sound a bit like the now extinct Daeodon, which was found in North America some 20-30 million years ago.

Will Mungo manage to catch a glimpse of this beast or will it remain elusive?

Last week Mungo visited India in search of the Monkey Man.

Expedition Mungo airs Sundays at 10:00 PM on Animal Planet.

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