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Expedition Mungo searches Amazon for Yacumama serpent so big locals try to dynamite it!

Expedition Mungo
Expedition Mungo is on the search for a giant serpent

This week on Expedition Mungo, our intrepid photographer is headed to the Peruvian Amazon in search of a huge snake known as the Yacumama.

The Yacumama is said to be up to fifty yards long and likes to live near the mouth of rivers and amongst the many complex lagoons and inlets.

The legends of a giant serpent go back hundreds of years
The legends of a giant serpent go back hundreds of years

The mythology says that the creature is the source of all other animals in the water, a sort of mother to all life in the Amazon River.

It is also said to be able to suck up anything passing nearby and some indigenous people sound a conch horn to ward it off before they enter the water.

This sort of creation mythology involving a large creature is quite common in cultures across the globe, with the Cherokee Indians having a story about a house-sized leach that performs a similar role.

Expedition Mungo airs at 10:00 PM on Animal Channel. 

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