Law & Order: Organized Crime: Jennifer Beals to recur in key role

Jennifer Beals
Jennifer Beals joining Law & Order: Organized Crime as Mrs. Webb. Pic credit: Showtime

Law & Order: Organized Crime is setting up its next story arc with a big name.

Per Deadline, Jennifer Beals will have a recurring role on the series as the wife of drug lord Preston Webb (Mykelti Williamson). 

This indicates that Webb will have a more prominent role as Season 2 moves into a bolder and darker direction when it returns in February. 

Law & Order: Organized Crime setting up its new villain

The first story arc for Season 2 of Law & Order: Organized Crime had Stabler (Christopher Meloni) going undercover in the deadly Kosta Organization. 

The Kostas clashed with the Marcy Killers, a rival gang led by Preston Webb (Mykelti Williamson). However, the cunning Webb instead offered an alliance with the Kostas, which worked out. 

Among Webb’s top lieutenants is Nova (Nona Parker-Johnson), who’s really undercover cop Carmen Riley. She’s risen up the ranks to his inner council, allowing her to feed information to the cops. With the Kosta Organization smashed, the Marcy Killers are stepping up to fill the void.

A major turn was the revelation Webb has been a longtime ally of Congressman Leon Kilbride (Ron Cephas Jones), and they were working together. This includes a supposed library construction that’s really a money-making scam. It’s even been stated that Webb is Kilbride’s protege. 

Currently, Law & Order: Organized Crime is focusing on Stabler’s clashes with mobster Richard Wheatley (Dylan McDermott). However, it’s expected this storyline will wrap up soon as McDermott will be joining FBI: Most Wanted in March. 

This seems to prove that the final story arc of Season 2 will have the Organized Crime unit clashing with the Marcy Killers, and Webb and his family will play a large role in the conflict.

Who is Jennifer Beals?

Jennifer Beals
Jennifer Beals as alien bar owner Garsa Fwip in The Book of Boba Fett. Pic credit: Disney/Lucasfilm

A former model, Jennifer Beals came to fame in the hit 1983 movie Flashdance. She followed it with roles in films such as The Bride, Devil In a Blue Dress, and more. 

After a few lean years, Beals made a successful move into television in the acclaimed Showtime drama The L Word, which was produced by current Law & Order: Organized Crime’s showrunner, Ilene Chaiken.

Beals also played a Police Superintendent in the drama The Chicago Code alongside roles in Taken and Swamp Thing.

Beals has experience in Law & Order, playing an actress involved in a tricky adoption/murder case in a Season 17 episode of the mothership Law & Order series. 

The actress has been busier as of late, reprising her role in The L Word: Generation Q and playing an alien bar owner in The Book of Boba Fett.

As of yet, Beals’ character hasn’t been named aside from being Webb’s wife. It’s uncertain if she’s involved in her husband’s illegal business or keeps out of it. 

The addition of a veteran actress such as Beals promises that the Webb storyline will move to the forefront in the latter third of Season 2 of Law & Order: Organized Crime to provide more excitement for fans. 

Law & Order: Organized Crime Season 2 returns Thursday, February 24 at 10/9c on NBC.

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