Last Man Standing announces Mandy Baxter recast: Who will replace Molly Ephraim?

The cast of Last Man Standing
Last Man Standing is replacing Mandy Baxter as they switch networks 

Last Man Standing is returning in September. Viewers have been waiting for the final details to be ironed out, and now they finally are.

Back in May when it was announced that FOX had chosen to pick up Last Man Standing after it was canceled by ABC, it was unclear which of the actors would return. Tim Allen was ready to bring back Mike Baxter and Nancy Travis was ready to step back into the show as Vanessa Baxter, but what about their children?

Molly Ephraim not returning to Last Man Standing was huge news. Mandy Baxter would still be around, but the actress would no longer be the same.

It was announced that the role would be recast but no one knew who was in the running to take over the role.

According to Entertainment Tonight, Molly McCook will be stepping in to take over the role of Mandy Baxter. Last Man Standing fans will have to get used to seeing a new actress, but since the time jump will be 18 months like it has been in the real world, the change of looks can be believable if done right.

Details surrounding the return of Last Man Standing are starting to emerge, and now that Molly Ephraim’s role has been recast, everything can move along. There will be some other changes to the cast, but overall, the premise will remain incredibly true to what has been since the beginning.

Last Man Standing returns September 28 on FOX.

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