Konane the Kaupe on Legends of Tomorrow: Everything you need to know about this mythical creature

Mona reaches for Konane, a creature called a Kaupe on Legends of Tomorrow — Pic credit: The CW

Last night’s mid-season premiere of Legends of Tomorrow, “Luche De Apuestas,” featured a wolfman-like creature called a Kaupe, whose name was Konane. Here is a look at who he is on Legends and in mythology.

Caution, though, there are spoilers ahead!

Before the break, Konane escaped the Time Bureau after some men tried to take him away for unknown but nefarious reasons under the direction of Nate’s father.

During his escape, Konane scratched Mona, his caretaker. After spending time getting to know each other, Mona and Konane had become quite attached. That’s how Mona knew that Konane was a Hawaiian demi-god who longed to return to his home.

Of course, despite his feelings for Mona and seeming innocence, Konane could easily rip people apart with his imposing teeth and claws.

Mona’s Transformation

One of the big questions left by this episode of Legends is what’s up with Mona? At the end of the episode, just before he could be sent back to his Hawaiian home, Konane was shot and killed by one of Nate’s father’s henchman.

In a fit of rage and despair, Mona transforms into what looks like a Kaupe and takes out the henchman.

It appears that Mona has absorbed some Kaupe characteristics, perhaps through the scratch that she received from Konane. The good news is Mona’s Kaupe side doesn’t come out unless she’s angry, which mean she’s human most of the time.

The bad news is, when she does become a Kaupe, she’s super-dangerous.

Future episodes will no doubt deal with Mona’s new status as one of the creatures the Time Bureau is currently hunting and imprisoning.

Kaupe in Hawaiian Mythology

Kaupe are creatures straight out of Hawaiian mythology, but they aren’t nearly as cuddly as Legends’ Konane.

The Kaupe is a cannibalistic dog-man who lived in Oahu and ate people both there and in Maui. He is considered a malevolent spirit who calls out to his victims by making a sound that mimics someone who’s wounded.

Those that go to help eventually find the Kaupe, who slips out of the shadows to present himself before taking their lives.

Legends of Tomorrow airs Mondays at 9/8c on The CW.

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